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Interview with Amber Schunk-Clubb

Good night, my fellows. Happy Halloween!
What would be better than a good vampire story along the way?
Yeah, right-- meeting one :D
Tonight, I have something special for you. To complete the vampire interview series for this year's occasion, I met an author who knows how to write a suspenseful fanatsy novel. Please welcome Amber Schunk-Clubb.
Good afternoon, Amber. Nice to have you for a chat. Please, introduce yourself to the readers. 

Hello. My name is Amber Schunk-Clubb, author of “Roliath: The Eidelon Series”. (Which will be a 5 book series)  I’ve actually been working on this series off and on for 11 years and finally over the past 2 years I’ve been able to fully devote myself to my writing.  Ever since I received my first assignment to write a simple poem for a mothers day card in art class at school…I fell in love with writing.  It has followed with me ever since and even going into high school I took specialty writing courses to help further me along.  “Roliath” actually started out as an 8 page, hand written short story for a class assignment.  Which was called “Survival” not Roliath…it was also just another typical vampire story, and it remained that way for a few more years, lol.  But, as life tends to be busy, after graduating high school I rarely had any free time to write, but still did whenever and where ever I found I time.  Between living life, working, which often was 2 jobs at the same time, I slowly thought of and developed the world of Eidelon…the characters, the timelines/storylines for all 5 books, I’ve been creating all of it…I’ve just never had the time to sit down and write all of it.  However, everything always seems to find a way J When I first met and started to date who is now my husband, Roliath wasn’t finished and I only had maybe ten pages into the second book.  After our first year in marriage he provided me with the opportunity to leave my job so that I can have the time to devote myself to my writing. (Because he is super awesome J ) Since then, not only have I finished “Roliath”, but it is now published and available online.  I’m also just about to finish my first draft for the second book in the series (Secrets Unveiled) and nearly half way finished with book 3.

What kinds of books fascinated you as a child?

Well, I grew up in the early-mid 80’s-90’s and shared a love for all of the spooky/horror movies, tv shows and books with my mom. Stephen King was always a favourite for all three of those areas. The Stand, The Shinning, Misery, Cujo, Carrie…just a few of the many that are still on my bookshelf today from back then.  Of course as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown an extremely wide range as far as what type of books fascinate me.

How many books have you published? 

Only one…so far…

Your recent novel, “Roliath”, is about Vampires. What makes it different from other Vampire stories on the market?

Yes, the entire series is actually about vampires…however it is not just another typical vampire story. Vampires (Eidelon) are not even allowed to kill humans, the series does not revolve around them being monsters who kill, or how they can or should be killed.  It brings to light a much more plausible idea/view on vampires and I’ve been told that the readers almost forget at times that they are supposed to be a “vampire” and just get lost in the storylines and events of everything.  It covers such a wide range in genre from paranormal and fantasy to slight romance and action and adventure.  Just because you hear the word “vampires” doesn’t mean it’s going to be another typical story because… “Real vampires may not be what you thought”

Who is your favourite character in your novel?

I don’t know why, but picking a favourite for anything…has always been a challenge for me, even for bands, books and shows ;) The main character, Geann, would probably have to be at the top though.  All of her talents and abilities, including those in battle…are pretty awesome. But, on the other hand…as odd as this may seem, Sheriff Dewit was one of my favourites to actually write.  I don’t want to give spoilers for those of you who have not read it, but, the variances in his character was fun to bring to life on the page.

If you had the choice between having your novel adapted into a TV show or into a movie, what would you choose and why.

Either choice would be amazing, but, I guess I would say possibly a TV show.  Simply because it would give the chance to have the full story and the characters in it come to life on the screen.  Not only that, but, there are many areas in the books that are left open to be expanded upon in more creative detail.  I know a movie series could do the same, but I just think about how often a lot of things are left out when a book is turned into a movie.

Did you have special actors in mind when you created your characters?

I’ve always tried to write so the reader can have an easy time playing everything in their head like a movie as they read.  So, this is something I’ve often thought about over the years.  I have several ideas for many characters, but these are who stick out the most to me and whom I tend to picture when I write.

Andrea - Ali Larter From House on Haunted Hill

Dillon- Dave Franco from Now You See Me
Trevor- Scott Eastwood from The Longest Ride
Kenneth- Luke Evans from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Georgianna - Famke Janssen from X-men

Patrick- Jake Busey from Starship Troopers
Geannifer and Devon I’ve always had a hard time picturing whom I would cast for them.  I’ve debated on a few for both, but recently my husband got me to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I might have found a possibility for one of them, lol.
Devon - Brett Dalton from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Who is scarier: Frankenstein or Dracula?
Hmmm, I think I might have to go with Dracula.  Both of them can be scary, but, Dracula can sneak up on you and attack unseen in ways that Frankenstein can not…at least in my opinion anyway.
What are your future projects?
Well, for now I’m just going to continue with The Eidelon Series.  As I’ve already mentioned, it is a 5 book Series…and I have 11 years worth of ideas and completed storylines that have been built up waiting to be written…And now I finally have the time to write them.
Do you have a message for your readers?
First I’d simply like to say “Thank you!” In a sense, without you I wouldn’t have a very easy time to move forward with the series.  I love hearing from you as well.  Feel free to continue reaching out to me with questions, comments, whatever…you’ll always get a response.  The Eidelon Series website will be posting information soon about another give-away and a little something for artists to participate in as well.  If you’re not signed up and want to keep yourself updated, you can do so here  Fill out the contact form and be sure to check the box that reads "Check here to receive email updates."
Thank you, Amber. We will all make sure to check out you novel ;)
To learn more about the author, please visit: Goodreads- Amber

     (Interview compiled by H. El-Tahwagi)       

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Trick or Treat!!!!

Trick or Treat! -- It's the same, each year! Kids stroll from house to house, waiting for you to hand over the candy. To avoid the havoc, you routinely meet their request. Some of us, the grown up adults, also like to celebrate the spooky night. But instead of collecting candy, we enjoy the night with family and friends. Either there is a fantastic party around the corner, or we meet in front of the TV to watch some creepy horror movies; and, of course, not without our creative costumes. It's great, right? Of course, it is! But, did you ever wonder what all of this is actually about? Why do we celebrate the dead each year?

Let me tell you...

Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve, has Celtic, as well as Christian roots. Some 2.000 years ago, the Celtic believed that October 31st marked the end of harvest season. Back then, they celebrated that day and called it Samhain. They also believed that the barrier between the living and the dead would be weakened that night. To protect themselves and their crops from evil, they wore costumes. By pretending to be no human beings, they thought they'd be able to fool the demons. 
Around 609 AD, Christians celebrated their dead on All Saints Day. It actually began on May 13. The date was changed to Nov. 1, in 800 AD.

It is important to note that Allhallowtide became a three-day event in the Middle Ages (1556). During that time, criers dressed in black to mourn the departed. Treats, called soul cakes, were given out in return for prayers. This practice was called "souling". Only at the very beginning of the 18th century did Samhain start to transform into the modern festivity we know. Poeple in costumes started to go from door to door to collect food in exchange for prayers. When they got disappointed, they played pranks to imitate the evil spirits. 

Halloween reached the U.S at the beginning of the 19th century. Irish and Scottish immigrants shared their tradition, and  it became more than popular all around the continent. 


Fascinating how old that tradition is, isn't it?

Have a spooky time ;)

Key (Picture compilement) and H. El-Tahwagi (Research and content) 

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So... Since Halloween is just around the corner, I'll be doing a short info post about the spooky feast. Don't forget to drop by to stay informed. As announced some time ago, there's also a vampy interview coming up. Stay cheerful ;)

Interview with Kerry McAvoy

Hey, folks! Happy to be back!
Today, I have a special guest with a tragic story. Kerry McAvoy is a psychologist and, most importantly, a human being like everybody else. She knows what it means to love, and also how difficult it is to lose the dearest person you know. Such experiences can have very intense impacts on us. With the loss of what's important to you, you often change or start to think about life and the life in the hereafter. Your beliefs and your knowledge can help you cope with the dark moments that you face. 
My guest will tell us about the book she wrote about the most difficult time in her life. I am glad to introduce Kerry McAvoy.

Hi Kerry. Very nice to have you here. Please, introduce yourself to the readers.

As a psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience counseling individuals, couples, and families, I have treated all kinds of issues---depression, anxiety, work difficulties, and relationship problems. I started writing ten years ago and fell in love with the use of the written word as a vehicle to address psychological issues. I have self-published three devotionals from an integrated Christian and psychological perspective.

Until about two years ago I had a rather ordinary life. I was a busy mom, managing a career, and running a household. That all came to a dramatic halt when my husband developed what appeared to be an innocuous health symptom early December 2014 only to learn two days after Christmas the devastating news that he had terminal cancer. My life made a sharp turn as I became his sole care provider until his death five and a half months later.

In short period of time I not only lost my husband, I also retired my counseling practice and my last child left home for college. In many ways I was given a clean slate. I know the idea of getting a do-over in life sounds romantic, but I discovered such massive upheaval isn't exciting; these changes were unwanted and very painful. 

 What inspired you to write novels?

Actually, my love to write has been a surprise. After completing a 120-page doctoral dissertation, I figured I wouldn't have enough to say to fill a book. I was one of those students who had trouble completing the assigned college paper to its required length. If it was supposed to be five pages long, I was lucky if I could find a sentence or two to spill over onto the final page. However, I love to play around with ideas and often construct speeches in my head while exercising or working around the house.

One morning, I woke up with a book outline and an imperative to write. So I did! Now I am working on my fourth manuscript. If you would have told me in the beginning of my career that one day I would be an author, I would have laughed.

You are a psychologist. Did that influence your writing? In how far?

My role as a psychologist has had a strong influence on my writing. I think one must be called to have a career as a psychologist since it requires such a unique skill set. By nature I'm very self-reflective with innate intuition. My education and clinical experiences have trained me to be an observer.

All of this shapes the way I view myself, my relationships with others, and the world at large. It, of course, also affects my writing. If I were to write fiction instead of nonfiction, I think I would still utilize the same psychological insights as I do now.

 In 2015, you experienced a great loss. Your husband died of terminal cancer. How did that change you and your perception of life?

Currently I am working on my fourth book, which is a big change in style since it's a memoir rather than a Christian devotional. I grew up in a troubled home and knew first hand emotional neglect and abuse. My husband's rather sudden illness, rapid decline, and subsequent death rocked me by reawakening old losses and emotional wounds. I discovered my sense of security had been built on the foundation of my marriage, which was now gone. There have been periods of time when the pain has been so severe that it felt as if I could hardly breath. The unfairness of the normalcy of other people's lives has filled me with such rage and envy.

As a psychologist I thought I'd done a better job of grounding my identity. There are two questions that most often propel clients into counseling---"Why do bad things happen to good people?" and "Who am I?" I was shocked to discover that my own answers to those questions were also flawed.

In this book I explore the startling discoveries I make as I work through the meaning of my husband's death and my journey of recovery as I re-discover myself. I face hard truths, such as death is a natural part of life, to love another well means to risk losing him or her, and that each of us must be our own best source of comfort. My faith plays an important factor in this process. For example, I have been reminded that even though I'm not guaranteed life won't hurt me again, I can be confident God will never leave me.

In The Hard Road Home, you share your experience. In how far, would you say, does writing your memoir help you to process the past and to learn from it?

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we both knew I would write about the experience. Normally a very private person, he let me document the journey with photographs, blog posts, and social media updates.

I started writing the memoir one year after his death, which is still early in the grief process. It has been therapeutic since it has encouraged me to explore this transition. I often would start each day with a word-count target and an idea of a topic, but would discover surprising insights as I veered in different directions or penned new ideas. So, this process of writing has helped me to discover things I wasn't aware of until I wrote about them.

It also has impacted my grief. Before writing the first draft I was filled with rage, but as I remembered my life with my husband, my marriage, and his illness, the anger shifted into sadness. The grief softened from something with hard, sharp edges to something sweet. Working on this book has been a very healing experience.

When will your book be available? 

 I plan to release The Hard Road Home late 2017 or early 2018. I have a tentative book cover that I would love to share it with you. When I have a firm release date I will be sure to let you and your readers know when and where it will be available for purchase.

What are your next plans?

I have met some amazing people online who have also lost a spouse. They have taught me so much about what it means to love another, to be courageous, and to live life with incredible inner strength. For my next book I would like to collect stories from widows and widowers about what death has taught them about love. I think these individuals will have some wonderful insights to share with the rest of us.

 Who inspired your writing? Who is your favourite author?

 I have many favorite authors. I find the honest brokenness of Jamie Langston Turner's fictional characters moving. I am touched by the transparency and authenticity of Ann Voskamp, Mandy Stewart, and Lisa TerKeurst's work as they share their personal spiritual insights.

I am the most impacted by the bravery of writers who don't sugar-coat life's messiness.

Thank you for this opportunity of sharing about my journey of writing and about my next book!

Thanks, Kerry :)

For more infos, please visit:

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Interview with Devorah Fox

Today, I had a chat with a fantasy novels author of a very special kind. Please, welcome Devorah Fox!

Hi, Devorah. Where did your journey as an author start?
Though I’ve been writing for practically my entire life and have held several different writing jobs, my author career began in 1987 when my husband and business partner said, “Let’s publish a book.” We had no idea what we were getting into but a year later we had a 500-page textbook, Bumper to Bumper, The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations. It’s been revised several times over the years and is still in print. I began The Lost King, my first published novel, as a project for National Novel Writing Month in 2010.

What’s the first story you’ve ever written? What was it about?
I recall writing a short story for a high school creative writing class. I don’t remember the title, but I do know it had something to do with the Spanish Inquisition and the auto de fe.

What is your most recent novel called? Please, tell us something about the plot.
Detour officially debuts on Nov. 4, 2016. The story takes place in mid-February, 1993. Trucker “Super Man” Harlanson is traveling to New York's Hudson Valley with misgivings. He's eager to see his girlfriend Debbie, but her elitist parents? Not so much. When he ends up at the family home, he figures the hardest part will be surviving the onslaught of relatives arriving to celebrate the birth of Debbie's nephew. That is until the US President announces his plans to hold a campaign event nearby and the town is caught up in the media frenzy. When Archie stumbles on a deadly plot against the nation's leader, he finds himself butting heads with skeptical local law enforcement, the FBI, and the White House security team, and dodging the would-be assassins who now have him in their sights, all while trying to keep his head down in a household crazy with new-baby fever.

Which of your characters is your favourite, and why?
When I first started writing Detour, Archie Harlanson was inspired by my husband who has since passed away.

Do you watch TV? What’s your favourite TV show?
I confess, I still watch reruns of Law and Order, and Law and Order SVU. Since the shows had such long run, there are actually episodes that I haven’t seen. In the current lineup, I like Scorpion and The Librarians.

What are your plans for the future?
I plan to participate in National Novel Writing Month in November, 2016 although at this writing I haven’t settled on a project. Likely it will be a Mystery/Suspense/Thriller. The Zen Detective, another novel that like Detour is set in the 1990s, will debut Jan. 6, 2017. At some point, I’d like to do another book in my epic fantasy series, The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam.

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about fiction?
Fiction enables us to learn about people, places, and events that we would not ordinarily encounter, and to entertain thoughts and experience emotions that are not part of our everyday life.

Is there anything you’d like to write about, but never had the chance to start?
I have an idea for a story set in biblical times the way The Red Tent by Anita Diamant is. I’ll tackle it sometime in the future when I have more time for the enormous amount of research it’s going to require.

Do you have a special message for your readers?
Please leave a review on the amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other site where you purchased the book, even if it’s just a line or two. We authors learn a lot from reader reactions. Plus, if you enjoyed the book, your review could encourage someone who’s not familiar with my work to give it a try.

Thank you, Devorah :)

For more infos about Devorah and her novels, go to:

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Interview with Lana Campbell

It’s autumn… Leaves are falling, the wind is blowing, and a cold chill is running down your spine… The perfect season for some supernatural fiction about monsters! Nearly two centuries ago (1897), Bram Stoker wrote Dracula
Ever since the day the Transylvanian Count haunted the ordinary household of every family around the world, people were not able to get over the creepy mystery of the bloodsucking gentleman and his wives. Just some years ago, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight hit the bookstores, and later also the movies’ screens. Young and old loved the idea of nice, vegetarian (yes, that’s what Meyer’s vampires called themselves :) ) romantic monsters. The Cullens were very human, while they also shared very animalistic traits with their forerunner.
Love stories between humans and supernatural beings seem to have a magical power. People are intrigued by the bittersweet danger of being close to your natural enemy. TV series, like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals prove that. All shows of that kind are popular and very successful. 

Since we are just a few weeks away from Halloween, I contacted some new authors of vampire fiction for some questions.
Fiction Author Lana Campbell just released a novel about vampires. I am glad to present you the result of the first supernatural interview :).

Good evening, Lana. Nice to meet you. Please tell us some facts about yourself.

I’ve had a passion for romance reads since early high school.  You could always find a Harlequin romance in my book bag.  In 1994 I decided to try my hand at writing, just for fun.  I really sucked at it in the beginning, but I joined a local writers group and slowly began to improve. 
In 2014 I decided to get serious about writing.  I wanted to publish something.  So I wrote Forever and a Night, the first in a vampire romance series.  I just finished book two and am in the process of looking for an agent. 
Every spare moment I have is devoted to writing or reading.  Writing is in my blood and I wake up every day excited for the next chapters.
I live in Avoca, AR with my oldest daughter, Jessica, my husband Robert and a cat named Felix.  

How many books have you written this far?

Forever and a Night is the first book I’ve published, but I’ve written many over the years.  In my vampire series there are a total of four written so far.  Three are yet to be published.  I intend to write at least six before the series is complete.

“Forever and a Night” is a romance about a vampire running from a human, only to fall in love with another. Would you tell us more about the plot?

My vampires in my Forever and a Night series evolved from humans due to a blood disease that makes it impossible for them to survive without the blood of their sire species.  They are mammals, very much like humans, but throughout their evolutionary process they developed adaptations necessary for survival such as fangs, physic and telekinetic abilities.  Their senses are more astute as well, especially the sense of smell.  When they feed from humans they enchant them then erase their memories of the encounter afterwards.  In the case of my heroine Mia, she has no idea Nathan has fed from her until he reveals this to her later in the story. 

Here’s my synopsis for Forever and a Night:

Nathan Davenport is being stalked by Isabella Ravini, the feral vampire who stole his human life over a hundred and sixty years ago. She makes him her fledging, a slave for her dark, evil purposes—hunting humans. After a few years she releases him, and Nathan reluctantly learns to accept the cursed life she foisted upon him. Over time he amasses a great fortune, which today has made him famous worldwide. Isabella decides she wants to be a part of this world of fame and fortune Nathan created for himself. Shes determined to marry him, and love has nothing to do with it. His money is her primary target, and the fame and prestige attached to being the wife of one of the richest men in the world wouldnt be so bad either. In an effort to evade her, he hides at a safe house he owns in New Orleans. One Saturday evening in NOLA, he decides to have dinner in the city. He chooses a quiet little Italian bistro, never imagining this night will change his life forever. The human woman who delivers his order isnt a server, but the restaurants sous chef, a beautiful ethnic woman possessing the most delicious blood scent hes ever encountered. The moment Mia Peebles arrives at his table with his plate, tasting her becomes an obsession. Mia wants nothing to do with him because of Nathans reputation as a playboy. So Nathan enchants her, feeds from her, but his lusts for her blood and body play havoc with his thinking. Nathan finds a way to bring her into his life as his personal chef and quickly falls in love with her. The trouble is Mia has no idea hes a vampire because during the enchanting episodes, Nathan blocks her memories of those sensual encounters. How will Nathan tell her the truth without losing her and keep Isabella from finding him? Or worst yet, will Isabella discover how much Mia has come to mean to him?

Nathan is a very modern vampire. Could vampires ever hide their nature from mankind?

In my world of vampires, they are easily able to disguise themselves from humans because they appear as normal as any person with two exceptions.  By nature they are bigger animals, taller and possessing more muscle mass.  Their most distinguishing feature would be their eyes.  The colors range just like human eyes, but theirs are always very brilliant, beautiful and in low lighting their eyes shimmer and sparkle, an evolutionary adaptation to beguile a human long enough to enchant them in order to feed. 
In some instances when a human discovers a person to be vampire, the vampire through mind control can erase the persons memory of the encounter which led the human to the discovery.  A side note—since my vampires are mammals they can reproduce with their own kind.  And of course to make the stories interesting, they can turn humans by introducing their blood into a human body.
There is also a spiritual aspect to my story.  Mia is a Christian woman who struggles with what vampires must do to survive. 

Vampire stories are really popular at the moment. There are plenty of TV shows and novels about the sassy bloodsuckers. What, do you think, could be the reason for the hype?

I hear all the time in my circle of writers, agents and publishers that vampire stories are/ has been, but then I also hear just the opposite from others.  My feeling is vampire reads, TV shows and movies will never go obsolete.  There is just something people love about vampires even when they’re evil and nasty looking.  Romance readers seem to want vampires who are sexy bad boys and girls, bigger than life with special powers yet given the right circumstances, the ability to be redeemed somehow.  Nathan my hero vampire in Forever and a Night does some immoral acts to his love interest Mia in the beginning.  Of course in any romance story love must conquer all, so in the end eternal love impacts his life choices and actions.  This isn’t a spoiler alert because every romance no matter the sub-genre makes both protagonists better people in the end when true love reigns.

Nathan is a lonely, older vampire who has given up on love.  Mia is a divorced woman in her forties with three grown children who has also given up on love because of a cheating spouse.  What inspired me to make my characters older was the fact I’m an older reader and very tired of reading stories with eighteen to twenty something year old protagonists.  There is a big desire amongst older readers for books with mature protagonists these days.  Oddly enough however, I’ve had a huge following of YA readers just loving this story.  I think the reason behind this is the characters don’t act or come off as older.  Plus the story moves quickly and is interspersed with a bit of humor and a lot of sexual tension.

What is your favourite TV show, and what is your favourite novel?

My favorite novel or rather series is Twilight which did inspire me to write a vampire romance.  However, I wanted my vampires to be more humanlike.  It bummed me out that poor Edward never ate or slept.  I’m an ex-chef.  I was determined my vampires would enjoy culinary delights, which is why I made Mia a chef. 
My favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory.  I’m a huge fan and I can’t get enough Sheldon humor.  I hope the series goes on for years to come!

If you had the chance to have your novel adapted into a movie, which actors would you choose?

I’ve been asked who I might like to see play Nathan and Mia if my book was ever made into a movie and the truth is I can’t think of any.  In my mind I’m very clear about how my characters look so chances are I’d probably choose unknown actors who look as close to Nathan and Mia as possible.  Then again if someone wanted to make my book into a movie I’m sure I’d be flexible.

Who is scarier: Frankenstein or Dracula?

To me Dracula is much scarier than Frankenstein.  He’s a shape shifter so who knows where he’ll show up next and as what.

As a child, were you frightened of the monster under your bed?

When I was about five years old my aunt told me a very scary story about an evil monster who lived in my closet and would sometimes hide under my bed.  It was a riveting story, but it scared me so bad I think I was nine or ten before I ever again slept in a bed alone.  My grandmother raised me and the poor woman was a saint.  She put up with my nightmares for years and let me sleep with her so the monster in my closet wouldn’t come out at night to eat me. 

What are your plans for the future?

My plans and goals are to make writing my future career and produce an income I can live on.  I’ve had two other careers in my life.  I was a chef for eight years and a produce farmer for fifteen.  Actually I had three prior careers.  I’ve been a mom for thirty three years and that kept me very busy while my three girls were growing up.  Today however, I need a less physically strenuous career.  Writing is hard work and hard to break into let alone make into a career.  I’ve always owned my own business so I know what hard work is all about.  I believe when a person possesses the drive and determination to make something happen, it will happen.  It may take some time, but one day I will be a writer with a name many will recognize.

What’s your Halloween message for your readers?

Halloween is right around the corner.  What better time to pick up a juicy paranormal read and dive in for a good scare?  Forever and a Night is by no means horror.  It’s a sweet romance with fun, sexy characters, but of course there is the evil, feral vampire, Isabella, who stirs the cauldron of intrigue in the story.  Some of her evil actions will make a reader white knuckle it for awhile, but I promise a good read, a happily ever after and no nightmares involving any sort of monsters under one’s bed.

Good to hear, Lana ;). Thanks for the chat, and good luck with your novel.

For more infos about Lana's work, please visit:

Our next Halloween interview about vampires will be with Amber Schunk-Clubb. So, keep checking the blog ;).

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Interview with Tom Kane

Today, I got to talk to an author who discovered his talent for writing erotica. But not any kind of erotica-- Supernatural Romantic Erotica. In our informative interview, he told us how he decided to write in that genre, and what his books are about. Please welcome Tom Kane!

Hi, Tom! Nice to meet you. Please tell your readers about yourself. 

My name’s Tom Kane and I’m English, sixty-two and have been writing since I was about eight. I’ve worked with computers all my adult life my first experience was using a mainframe. Eventually I started programming and became a journalist through my knowledge of computers, finally ending up with a multimedia company. I met and married my wife at the turn of the millennium and we married in 2004. In 2008 we moved to Cyprus to semi-retire and this is where I found the time to go back to my first love of writing.
You write supernatural romantic erotica. What made you choose this genre?

I actually write in multiple genres, having published ten books already. The paranormal erotica came about as an experiment in writing a sex scene for another book, The Brittle Sea, a romantic drama. That scene was both embarrassing and enlightening to write and it suddenly gave me an idea for another book idea I had been toying with.
What is your recent novel called, and what is it about?

My latest work is book one of The Demon Detective Agency trilogy, called The Demon Murders. The story is about an ex LAPD cop, May Brubaker, who discovers she holds a secret power and is the daughter of a sorceress. Brubaker is attacked by a Demon Fury who is hell-bent on obtaining this power for herself.
Essentially it’s a story of the battle between good and evil but with a backdrop of dark erotic tension and outbursts of senseless violence. Ideal bedtime reading, I hope.

                                                  Demon Detective Agency 
What made you think of your main character? What do you and don’t you like about her?

May Brubaker came about from a stock picture I was looking for, as did her adversary, Polydorus. I was going through stock images from Shutterstock and came across a picture of Polydorus quickly followed on the next page by May Brubaker.
What I like about May Brubaker is her strength of character and conviction. What I don’t like about her is her choice of boyfriend… enough said.

How many books does your series have?

The Demon Detective Agency is in three parts. I can’t see it carry on much beyond that, but I might end up introducing a new hero, who knows.
If you could be a supernatural being, who or what would you be and why?

I like the idea of warlocks, for some reason, but I’m not sure why. Maybe I was into witchcraft in another life.
What is your favourite novel?

Isaac Asimov’s Caves of Steel. First Sci-Fi book I read and still relevant today and a good detective novel to boot.
What is your next project? 

I work on multiple books at the same time, which is also how I read books. Next up is The Ragged Edge of Time, followed by The Brittle Sea and finally Welcome to Beyond.
What did you write before The Demon Detective Agency?

Prior to The Demon Detective Agency, I wrote Operation Werwolf, a WW2 action adventure novel based on my father’s experiences in the war. Also A Pat on his Back that tells the story of our misadventures when moving to Cyprus.
If you could give out a prize to a very influential writer, who would it be?

Isaac Asimov, except he died a few years back. His books influenced me an awful lot.
What was the most inspirational moment in your life?

There are three moments. The moment my wife said “I do,” and the moment I received my first book review. And the moment when I received the draft printed copy of Operation Werwolf, that brought a tear to my eye.
Do you feel uncomfortable, knowing that some close relatives could read your sexually explicit work?

No, not at all. It’s not likely to happen as I don’t know of any of my relatives who have bought any of my books… they’re a stingy lot and expect free copies, but are sadly disappointed when I ignore their request.
What advice would you give your readers?

Read as much as possible, as often as possible and as varied as possible. Life flies by, you are only here once, so enjoy it.
When did you decide to actually write erotica?

As soon as I had finished the sex scene in The Brittle Sea, I knew then I could write something (I hope) that others would appreciate. Funny thing is I never read erotica before and hated sex scenes on TV or in film. Funny old world isn’t it?

Yeah, the world is unpredictable ;). Thx, Tom, and good luck with your work.
For more infos about Tom's work, please visit:

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

Book Review: Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

Hey you lot!

Today, I want to do a review of a book I read some time ago. I was looking for some fiction that would remind me of books, like Bartimaeus by Jonathan Stroud, that I knew from childhood. I wanted something full of suspense; something that would draw me in. In short, a world full of fantastic, mysterious creatures. So, I had some friends over for tea, and we talked about our latest reads. At the end, I was left with a list of great recommendations. However, one specific book sounded so interesting that I decided to start reading it right away. I bet you now wonder what book I am talking about. Well, let me tell you: It is Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole. It is a quite recently published work of 276 pages with a pretty dark cover, showing a raven on a rock at its front. My first impression was: Holy spirit! That looks like one of Edgar Allan Poe's works. It kinda reminded me of Poe's The Raven. Full mark for the choice of the cover design, man! I am a huge E.A. Poe fan. I really love the dark atmosphere of his writings, and there is nothing better than the creepiness one feels upon reading them. With high expectations, I turned the first page, and I found myself pulled into the story right away. There was no introduction; no epiglogue or anything alike. Instead, the story started right in the middle of the action. At first, I was a bit confused. To be honest, I needed some time to find my way into the plot. Oh yeah, right... the plot. Let's have a look at it. So, the book description says:

A quiet little mountain town is hiding a big problem. When the townsfolk of Raven's Peak start acting crazy, Abigail Dressler is called upon to discover the root of the evil affecting people. She uncovers a demonic threat unlike any she's ever faced and finds herself in a fight just to stay alive.
Abigail rescues Haatim Arison from a terrifying fate and discovers that he has a family legacy in the supernatural that he knows nothing about. Now she's forced to protect him, which is easy, but also to trust him if she wants to save the townsfolk of Raven's Peak. Trust, however, is something hard to have for someone who grew up living on the knife's edge of danger.
Can they discover the cause of the town's insanity and put a stop to it before it is too late?
(Source: Raven's Peak- Goodreads )

Abigale is possessed by a demon. I got that after a few pages, and I found myself intrigued on the spot. The young girl is part of a secret organization that hunts down dark creatures, and, when she meets the very human Haatim, who is confused to find himself drawn into a world full of supernatural things, she find a new confidant
While Abigale felt rather estranging to me, because of her missions and her actions, I could feel with Haatim. The character seems to be a focal point for the readers, so that they can feel closer to the happenings and the feelings of the protagonists. When both characters go on their mission to save the world, a battle between good and evil starts.  
I won't tell you what discoveries Haatim makes, and I also won't tell you how he and Abigale save humanity from the ancient demons that feed on the darkness of mankind. But I will tell you that the confusion and the fear of the characters was contagious. Cole does a great job in creating dynamic, very realistic characters in a fictional world. When I had read the last page, I realized that the novel leaves room for a sequel, and I also found myself impatient to read more. I guess that says enough about the quality of the novel. In one word: AMAZING! I honestly can't wait for the next book, and I give Cole's work five out of five stars! Guys, if you are looking for a fantasy story you can't put down, then go ahead and start reading Raven's Peak.

Here is where you can get it:
Amazon: Raven's Peak