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Interview with Tom Kane

Today, I got to talk to an author who discovered his talent for writing erotica. But not any kind of erotica-- Supernatural Romantic Erotica. In our informative interview, he told us how he decided to write in that genre, and what his books are about. Please welcome Tom Kane!

Hi, Tom! Nice to meet you. Please tell your readers about yourself. 

My name’s Tom Kane and I’m English, sixty-two and have been writing since I was about eight. I’ve worked with computers all my adult life my first experience was using a mainframe. Eventually I started programming and became a journalist through my knowledge of computers, finally ending up with a multimedia company. I met and married my wife at the turn of the millennium and we married in 2004. In 2008 we moved to Cyprus to semi-retire and this is where I found the time to go back to my first love of writing.
You write supernatural romantic erotica. What made you choose this genre?

I actually write in multiple genres, having published ten books already. The paranormal erotica came about as an experiment in writing a sex scene for another book, The Brittle Sea, a romantic drama. That scene was both embarrassing and enlightening to write and it suddenly gave me an idea for another book idea I had been toying with.
What is your recent novel called, and what is it about?

My latest work is book one of The Demon Detective Agency trilogy, called The Demon Murders. The story is about an ex LAPD cop, May Brubaker, who discovers she holds a secret power and is the daughter of a sorceress. Brubaker is attacked by a Demon Fury who is hell-bent on obtaining this power for herself.
Essentially it’s a story of the battle between good and evil but with a backdrop of dark erotic tension and outbursts of senseless violence. Ideal bedtime reading, I hope.

                                                  Demon Detective Agency 
What made you think of your main character? What do you and don’t you like about her?

May Brubaker came about from a stock picture I was looking for, as did her adversary, Polydorus. I was going through stock images from Shutterstock and came across a picture of Polydorus quickly followed on the next page by May Brubaker.
What I like about May Brubaker is her strength of character and conviction. What I don’t like about her is her choice of boyfriend… enough said.

How many books does your series have?

The Demon Detective Agency is in three parts. I can’t see it carry on much beyond that, but I might end up introducing a new hero, who knows.
If you could be a supernatural being, who or what would you be and why?

I like the idea of warlocks, for some reason, but I’m not sure why. Maybe I was into witchcraft in another life.
What is your favourite novel?

Isaac Asimov’s Caves of Steel. First Sci-Fi book I read and still relevant today and a good detective novel to boot.
What is your next project? 

I work on multiple books at the same time, which is also how I read books. Next up is The Ragged Edge of Time, followed by The Brittle Sea and finally Welcome to Beyond.
What did you write before The Demon Detective Agency?

Prior to The Demon Detective Agency, I wrote Operation Werwolf, a WW2 action adventure novel based on my father’s experiences in the war. Also A Pat on his Back that tells the story of our misadventures when moving to Cyprus.
If you could give out a prize to a very influential writer, who would it be?

Isaac Asimov, except he died a few years back. His books influenced me an awful lot.
What was the most inspirational moment in your life?

There are three moments. The moment my wife said “I do,” and the moment I received my first book review. And the moment when I received the draft printed copy of Operation Werwolf, that brought a tear to my eye.
Do you feel uncomfortable, knowing that some close relatives could read your sexually explicit work?

No, not at all. It’s not likely to happen as I don’t know of any of my relatives who have bought any of my books… they’re a stingy lot and expect free copies, but are sadly disappointed when I ignore their request.
What advice would you give your readers?

Read as much as possible, as often as possible and as varied as possible. Life flies by, you are only here once, so enjoy it.
When did you decide to actually write erotica?

As soon as I had finished the sex scene in The Brittle Sea, I knew then I could write something (I hope) that others would appreciate. Funny thing is I never read erotica before and hated sex scenes on TV or in film. Funny old world isn’t it?

Yeah, the world is unpredictable ;). Thx, Tom, and good luck with your work.
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